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Learn critical cyber security knowledge and skills as well as how to protect your digital life

A lack of skilled professionals continues to haunt the country that needs about 10 thousands cybersecurity professionals, according to an estimate by the Data Security Council of Bangladesh.

As the businesses depend on Information & Communications Technology (ICT) to reach its customers/subscribers faster than ever and round-the-clock throughout the year, it will always be an attractive target for the sect of society that depicts culpable idiosyncrasies. As the businesses are busy for the journey of Big Data, through the Clouds of Software & Infrastructure as a Service, on the wheels of Mobile Devices across the Globe; the threat actors have been busy, feeding their diversifying motives of financial gains, collaborative hacktivism and/or state-sponsored cyber criminalism.

In such a proliferation where everything mentioned above is an irreversible phenomenon of the technology & its business use is one side of the coin; the other side of the coin is its associated abuse. Hence, academia must start building a highly skilled cybersecurity workforce to meet the demands of the market.

Why Bilion10 Communications

Billion10 started with the same objective of equipping students or working professionals with the right cybersecurity skills by facilitating them modern curriculum, expert trainers, world-class lab setup and hyper-realistic environment where they can learn by fighting real-life cybersecurity attacks. 

We take simulation exercises as the fundamental approach to teach participants the latest methods of vulnerability exploitation and the use of modern tools and techniques to respond to attacks. Our lab offers a war-game-like environment that allows participants to play the role of both attacker and defender by executing real-life cyber attacks and options to mimic any modern infrastructure.

Bilion10 Communications Features

We are the only institution in Bangladesh who offer Cyber Range as part of the training curriculum. This is the world’s most widely deployed cybersecurity training and simulation platform. A student undergoing any Billion10 training program will get a better exposure to fighting cyber attacks than any other traditional training program.

  • Teaching 16+ Modules, perhaps the only Institution in Bangladesh that offers these many modules.
  • Hyper-realistic simulation lab
  • Free Internship as part of the Track program
  • Expert Trainers
  • Teaching both Red and Blue Skills
  • 7+ years of Training Experience

Our training model offers multiple benefits to students which not only propels their career but also facilitates them ample opportunities to learn modern security technologies.

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Course Module

Course Module Course Code Semester Topic Name Theory LAB Total Hrs
Course Security
Lavel 1
PS-CN-001 5 Sem Networking Fundamentals 8 8 16
PS-SR-001 5 Sem Server Administration - Linux 8 8 16
PS-WR-001 5 Sem Deep Packet Inspection - Wireshark 9 9 18
Course Security
Lave 2
PS-WR-002 6 Sem Deep Packet Inspection - Wireshark 9 9 18
PS-EH-001 6 Sem Ethical Hacking 8 8 16
PS-SP-001 6 Sem Security Analytics - Splunk 8 8 16
Course Security
Lavel 3
PS-EH-002 7 Sem Ethical Hacking 8 8 16
PS-CP-001 7 Sem Check Point CCSA 12 12 24
PS-SP-002 7 Sem Security Analytics - Splunk 5 6 10

Program Benefits

Our training methodology has been crafted by one of the Industry’s leading InfoSec practitioners and consultants to incorporate the latest curriculum,  simulation-based training approach, and much more.

We take simulation as the foundation of teaching Defensive and Attacking skills by leveraging in-house Cyber Range, a hyper-realistic simulation lab, to teach participants how to fight real-life attacks in a controlled environment.

We prepare our students for multiple roles by facilitating them with the diverse curriculum, expert trainers, and simulation lab. They can be hired for VAPT, SOC, or Security operation roles

We teach multiple InfoSec technologies starting from the basics of networking to the most advanced technologies, including Splunk, Check Point, Arcsight, Wireshark, etc. This curriculum has been designed keeping the requirements of companies into consideration.

All our trainers have years of experience solving the most complicated cybersecurity issues. They have earned the necessary certifications making them capable to teach the best of technologies.

Every program allows students to engage in a hands-on 3 Month internship program to not only sharpen their skills but also allow them to gain better Industry exposure around various technologies and tools.

Billion10 is a brainchild of an award-winning cybersecurity company in the Indian subcontinent. The leadership team is very diverse allowing us to timely update our curriculum to meet Industry’s top standards.

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